Airway Week 3 with Dr. Chris Doty


This week’s video is commentated with Dr. Christopher Doty, Residency Director at the University of Kentucky.  Enjoy the video, feel free to discuss points in the comments below.

Poppa’s Pearls from the video:
1. A little lube on the blade can go a long way.. be sure to avoid the optics.
2. Start blade advancement on the far right and sweep the tongue to the left to keep your view unobstructed.
3. Pressure on the vallecula with your blade can help rock the glottis anterior if your tube is pushing your view posteriorly.
4. The CleanSweep 3000 isn’t always necessary- use the suction only when you need it.
5.  A 90 degree turn can help the tube pass through the cords, “a twisting motion can help anything enter the body.”
6.  Preoxygenation and preparation is key for safe learner intubations.