Airway Week 4: Drs. Rob Rogers and Will Sanderson

This week we have special guests and teaching machines Rob Rogers @EM_Educator and Will Sanderson @_wsand.  In part one of two, we cover three videos including an awake intubation, massive vomit and a difficult entry.  Check out the video, comment below and subscribe to the site to stay updated.



Pearls from this week’s videos:

  1. In awake intubations, time your tube passage when the vocal cords are open.  Also, have a paralytic ready to go if you’re having trouble passing through the cords or if they’ve spasmed shut.
  2. In intubations with massive vomit, preparation is key.  Have suction, or two suctions, ready to go and ‘intubate’ the esophagus with the Yankauer.  Massive vomit is also when you can expect video laryngoscopy to fail; have your DL ready to go.
  3. In difficult entry, make sure you’ve lubed your blade and wait for your paralytic to kick in.  RSI Meds Reference