Airway Week 6: Rob and Will Part 2

Back at it with Rob Rogers (@EM_Educator) and Will Sanderson (@_wsand) in part 2!  This week we have an intra-intubation arrest and an homage to the pearls of ELM.  Check out some tips and watch the video below.



Pearls from this week’s video:

  1. ELM: game changer for getting your view.  Make it a team sport by getting a helping hand to watch your video and know where to hold.
  2. When stuck on the arytenoids or with difficulty passing through the cords, give the tube a 90 degree turn.
  3. In a peri-arrest situation, know your alternative forms of oxygenation and ventilation, in case you get in a situation where you have difficulty intubating; this may mean bagging, using an LMA or even performing a surgical airway.